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Chocolate-chip, Ginger & Cinnamon oatmeal cookies (Eggless)

  Heyloooo there lovely people, I know I have been away from my blog for quite some time, cannot tell you how much I missed it, missed you all (tried to keep in touch by reading quite some of yours posts). I have been taking a lot of rest lately for my better health. Today… Continue reading Chocolate-chip, Ginger & Cinnamon oatmeal cookies (Eggless)


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Jam Swirl Walnut Blondies

Another of the simple and quick desserts, Blondies are so much love. If you don’t like chocolate don’t add cocoa powder/chocolate to your brownies and add in the flavor you love and you have your dessert with you. I made some more jam! That mango-raspberry if you remember… (he he! I know you would be… Continue reading Jam Swirl Walnut Blondies

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Daal seekh-kebabs with Mint chutney (Lentil fritters)

The weather in Delhi/Gurgaon these days is becoming very unpredictable. In the middle of excessive heat yesterday, suddenly it started raining, and not just a simple rain, it was accompanied with hailstones! Oh my god, for a minute we couldn’t understand as to what can suddenly make so much noise outside, whats going on! I was in… Continue reading Daal seekh-kebabs with Mint chutney (Lentil fritters)

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Apple Cinnamon Coffee upside-down Cake (Eggless)

I was meeting a few of my very dear college friends in the weekend and obviously they wanted a cake from me. Yes, for no reason. Everybody loves cake for no reason, and even I didn’t need a reason to bake one! 😉 It was all baked in a hurry as there was not much… Continue reading Apple Cinnamon Coffee upside-down Cake (Eggless)

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Cottage cheese stuffed Beet paranthas (Indian flat bread) with Cucumber Raita

  Me and my sister have not been very fond of beetroots since childhood. My mom used to find ways to hide it in other vegetables to make us eat. But with time she found certain ways of preparing it which we too were more than satisfied. This is one of those and now dearly… Continue reading Cottage cheese stuffed Beet paranthas (Indian flat bread) with Cucumber Raita

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No Bake Fresh Fruit Tarts

Halló people, So as I said,  cake depends upon other things like weather and mood too, so no cake for the time being. Sorry, if you were expecting it. It might just follow-up next, but not right now. Anyways, no regrets, because what we have right now is the easiest, tastiest (if that’s a word)… Continue reading No Bake Fresh Fruit Tarts

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Wholewheat Banana Nutella PB Cake

Yes, a long long name. But couldn’t miss telling you each and every decadent slash healthy ingredient it has! This would be the first cake recipe I’ll be posting here and I am glad that it’s a complete bunch of goodness. Made with wholewheat flour, brown sugar and olive oil and with one of the… Continue reading Wholewheat Banana Nutella PB Cake

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White Chocolate Mawa Barfi (Dessert)

Hello you lovely people! I Missed you! Hope you all are doing great 🙂 😀 Yes, I am back after a long time. Almost 3 weeks! I have been going through  back-pain  from quite some time which used to increase by the time I returned from my office. After banking on some exercises from internet, I… Continue reading White Chocolate Mawa Barfi (Dessert)