Healthy Nutty Truffles


If you have been wondering that I have been talking too much about the healthy and clean eating in my previous posts and contradictory to those, posting the not-so healthy dishes, I am so sorry!

Today I am here with an actually healthy and gluten free (my first) recipe for you. FINALLY, Yay! No refined sugar, oil or butter. Thus the name Healthy Truffles!


These truffles were inspired from The Desserted Girl. These were originally chocolate truffles, but I reduced the amounts of cocoa  as I made these for my parents who are not very fond of the same. So, you can add upto 1/2 cup of cocoa for the below mentioned quantities, if you want them chocolatey! (and WHY NOT, even I would do that for myself 😉 )

And yes, these are sooo good and that you will have to remind yourself that this is actually healthy and no need to be guilty! 😉

Make these in a nice quantity so that it stays for a few days(we want good things to remain!). Dry fruits are really warm and not too good to be eaten a lot in full summers, so these are better for winters. Having said that, some quantities never harm anytime 🙂





2 cups dates – seeded, soak them in warm water for 15 mins if you are using the hard ones, else use the soft ones (packaged ones available)

½ cup – almonds

½ cup – walnuts / hazelnuts

2 tsp – cocoa

1 tsp – vanilla essence


Nothing much actually…

  1. Blend together all the nuts with cocoa and vanilla in a blender.
  2. We don’t need to add butter or ghee to make these truffle balls. As you all know, nuts and dates have natural oils in them. So, they will secrete some when you blend them. You can blend them to a size you like.  More time you run the blender the fine it shall become )or maybe it also depends upon the blender). Do it completely as you would like to eat them. When you see it forming lumps, you can start rolling them into balls.
  3. Transfer in another bowl and make small balls out of them with your hands :). And that is it!
  4. You can melt chocolate and wrap them in it and freeze for sometime. Or in cocoa powder, but because of the oil secreted, the cocoa wouldn’t remain as it is, and due to this it might give a bitter taste too. You can also have them as it is. Trust me, they are already delish!
  5. This is it! Ready to eat! Enjoy 🙂



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