Salted Caramel Sauce






I had never made caramel at home before but when I saw this recipe by Sugar and Spice by Radhika long back, I wanted to make it (but actually never did). Yesterday, when that moment came and I tried it, I was shouting it to myself that “such a simple recipe with these simple ingredients (all found at home) and I have been buying it from the market till now!”

You know honestly, when I made this (which was in the midnight,  ….. yes, I do sometimes get into my kitchen at some most odd hours) and had my own made caramel sauce within 10mins, I was thrilled to depths of my heart ! (I know, it would be normal for you but it wasn’t for me).

I came back running to my bedroom with a spoon of this warm sauce to wake my sister up to taste this. Somewhere when I was running to her, I knew I would be kicked out of the room immediately and we will have another mini world war and everybody around will wake up to listen to it (my sister just CANNOT take anyone disturbing her when she has just turned off the lights and feeling sleepy, I have been warned a billion times before, and we’ve had similar number of fights since childhood just on THIS topic, but I still have to “sometimes” wake her up for reasons like this!

Yes, I knew you would agree with me, GOD GAVE ME ONLY ONE SISTER, NOT MY FAULT!

But, when I stopped to her and turned on the light and asked her in all excitement to taste it, all to my surprise, she turned and SMILED! Ohmygod! She tasted it and said it’s really nice, but a little too sweet. I immediately knew it in my head I need to add some more salt!

My sister is a very good critic. Absolutely honest. Honest to the limits that it sometimes hurts! But it’s ok, I can take whatever she says, rather than somebody else saying (would be more painful). I don’t show it to her, but I really care about her feedback. When something I make turns out good, she really really appreciates and makes my day but when it’s not, I get an equally bad response. 😐

Oh !  Back to the sauce!

Servings: It’s a sauce, so no servings         All the time: 10 mins!


1 cup granulated sugar

6 tbsp butter – I added Amul and it turned out really well, you can add any

½ cup heavy cream – but I used Amul, it works – warm it in a microwave for a few seconds

3 tbsp water

½ tsp Salt or as per taste

What to do:

  1. To a deep pan (use a deep one because liquid sugar bubbles) add the sugar and let it melt on a high heat. Add water to it. Mix and keep stirring. There may be lumps formed. But everything will melt so don’t worry.
  2. Keep the flame high, add the butter to it and let it melt. Wait for a few minutes, let the mixture boil and you will see that the sugar has started changing its color to nice deep amber. When you’ve reached the color you want, pour in some warm cream. Be very careful, because as you add the cream, the mixture will splatter and bubble too much.
  3. Add salt and mix as the splattering controls.
  4. Turn off the flame. Take a spoon and scoop out a little, cool it down (it will be terribly hot) and taste. Add more salt as per your taste if you find it too sweet.

Tada! You have your own SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE with you!

It tastes so much better than the market bought, no.

Hope you enjoyed!

Do share your experiences. 🙂

Have an awesome Sunday ahead!


9 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Sauce

  1. wow sakshi I had tasted this over icecream at Mac D and I wondered what is that? And it was caramel sauce. Thank you so much for this recipe. Now I can make it at home easily. I love how you create recipes with easily available ingradients at home. Great work 🙂

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