Hello, my name is Sakshi and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

I am an Architect by profession and a food lover (vegetarian). I love meeting new people and often end up making most of them as friends. (why not!) My family has stopped counting the number of friends I have. Wherever I go, I come back with stories and friends. 🙂

Food has been a passion since a long time now. Have been experimenting from quite sometime all out of love and curiosity. Had never thought that his curiosity would ever turn me serious towards writing down this blog. This blog is becoming very close to my heart day by day (yes, I have modified my About page from the original one after like 4 months of blogging) and I want to nourish it as much as I can. Wish to learn and bake/cook everything from scratch. Words like – this would be difficult to make doesn’t work with me.

Most of the times I am thinking of what should be next on my list to cook or bake/ what ingredients my fridge has been waiting for/ how can I modify an old recipe/ when do I invite friends & family and what do I make for them this time/ what can I gift someone as “goodies”. It doesn’t end! A lot of things, but sometimes not able to do that much of what I plan. Due to a  little lazy bum and a lot of other things in life running parallel.

I experiment a lot (ask my family :|). My dearest family has all gone through it. Don’t know about my future one.

I used to be a non-vegetarian as a child (I never understood because none of the other 3 in the family ate it), but its gone with time now. Even eggs, have started finding them a little strange, but have no reasons really for it, its just the way I feel. I avoid them now, only some rare times… So, egg-less recipes would be found more often here.

 I am learning so much everyday from so many other fellow food bloggers. 🙂

Thanks again for having the patience to read my story.

Keep in touch and lets be friends! 😉

So Much Love ❤



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